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AMC candidate accounts – Now fully active

Due to technical issues experienced by ECFMG, the AMC was informed of the EPIC verification system to be restored whilst further work is being conducted on the new MyIntealth online environment. 

In the meantime, the AMC systems has been restored back to the EPIC service, and all features in the AMC candidate accounts are now available, including establishing AMC initial portfolios and additional qualification applications.

New available verification statuses will be imported and will be processed to the relevant AMC candidate accounts.

May - August Clinical Scheduling Information

May - August clinical scheduling information is now available for viewing in the Scheduling for clinical examination section of the website.

New location for AMC MCQ examinations in 2024:

Malaysia – The Malaysia centre is now open for scheduling. You can reschedule your examination via your Pearson VUE account.

Pakistan – The AMC is currently in negotiations with Pearson VUE to open an MCQ test centre in Pakistan. This venue is still being constructed, therefore not available for scheduling yet.

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